The Ambassdor of God
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The Ambassdor of god

Q - I read in The Light Of Kirpal (Book) that if before a person is initiated one of their close family members dies, then through their Initiation that person who died gets benefited. Can you speak on that?

Ans - voice saintsI have said this thing very often in my Satsangs that if we are really searching for God and if we really have faith in the Master then definitely a member of our family who has left the body, even before we got Initiated will be under the protection of the Master. That person or that soul will not go below the human body; that soul will definitely get the human birth in which she will get the Naam Initiation because liberation comes only by meditating on Naam.

In this answer a question may rise up that when a Master is going to protect the soul even without giving Initiation then what is the use of taking the Naam Initiation from Him? Masters explain that it is just like getting a passport or visa to enter a foreign country. Suppose you want to go to America, you will have to contact the American ambassador in your country and apply for a visa. That ambassador is appointed by the government of America and if your application meets with their approval, with their laws, rules, and regulations then the ambassador will give you the visa and you will have no problem entering into America. And if in America you have some friends and relatives they will come to the airport to receive you and they will be very happy to see you.

In the same way Saints and Mahatmas are like ambassadors appointed for this plane . They do not become ambassadors by Themselves, They are appointed by God Himself. They are sent into this world by God to take those who want to go back to the Real Home. So when we go to Them and get the Naam Initiation from Them, They not only sign the document, They not only give us the visa to enter Sach Khand, but They also teach us how to go to Sach Khand.

And when, according to Their instructions, we go to Sach Khand, there we find the souls who have already reached there waiting to welcome us. They welcome us with much joy and happiness and then they tell us, "He Who gave us the visa , He Who gave us the Naam Initiation, was not only the ambassador of God, He was God Himself." Only after reaching Sach Khand do we realize that the Master who gave us Initiation is the Owner of the whole Creation and only because of His grace have we been able to return to our Real Home.

In Sach Khand they sing the songs of welcome and they welcome us. Just as it is a tradition in India, when a couple gets married, when the bride goes into her in-laws home, they welcome her by singing the benedictions and welcome song. Similarly, after getting the Naam Initiation and meditating, when we reach Sach Khand, the souls who are already there welcome us by singing all the songs. Guru Nanak Sahib also says, "Over there the souls welcome the soul singing the benedictions and welcome songs and then the soul realizes that nobody else could have brought her to the Real Home. It was only God Almighty Who went to the physical plane assuming the body of a Mahatma and Who gave the Naam Initiation. Only because of His grace, only because of the grace of the Real Husband was she able to return to her Real Home. So that is why even though the Master showers grace on us and He brings us under His protection, still, unless we get the Naam Initiation from Him we cannot return to our real home Sach Khand.

Q - Master, You once told a story about a dog that was injured in the back legs and You took care of it?

Ans - I always request the dear ones to read Sant Bani Magazine with full attention and thoroughly because when you read the magazine thoroughly you come across many stories like that.

Anyway since you have asked, lovingly I will tell you the story. It happened that there was a pet dog of some family near my ashram who was a very good dog and once he went to somebody else's house where he was shot. So he was injured very badly in the back part of his body; both his legs were broken so that he could not walk or move. When the family whose pet dog he was, learned about that they did not pay any attention to his injury because they thought, "Now he is not going to be of any use to us." So they just left him on the street without even giving him a cup of water to drink.

It was very hot and I think he stayed there for a whole day without any water or any medical treatment. In the evening, when it got dark, he got the inspiration to come near my ashram, because the place where he was thrown was about three hundred yards away from my ashram. Since he could not walk he started pulling himself; his front two feet were working so he started pushing and pulling himself towards the ashram and he broke down about a hundred yards from my ashram and it became dark.

In those days one dear one used to come see me every evening in my ashram, so as he was coming, he saw a dog lying there and there was no trace of any man. It was only a dog there so he came and he told me about that injured dog. I went to see if any person had left the dog there but could find no trace of any man. I figured out that both the rear legs of the dog were broken that is why he could not walk. So then I took that dog into my ashram.

First I bought a pan of water and I put his head in the water and it took him about two minutes to realize that he was near the water. He started to drink the water, but I did not let him drink a lot of water because it was not good for him. Then I gave him some milk and clarified butter because in the villages where doctors are not available whenever anyone gets injured the first thing the villagers give him is milk and ghee (clarified butter) to give him a lot of strength. So we gave him the milk and clarified butter which brought some strength to him and then we removed the bullets and made the dressings etc. After that for three months he stayed with us and we gave him a lot of good nourishing food and he became very strong. But since both his rear legs were broken he could not walk by himself. He was so smart that whenever he had to go out for attending the call of nature, since he could not move his body himself, he would always cry or make some kind of sign saying that now he wants to go out and I would always help him to go out and he never made the place dirty.

When the people who used to own that dog found out that the dog was with me, they started making fun of me saying, "He is a mad man; he does not have any other work to do that is why is he taking care of such a useless creature."

Why did I take care of that dog? I took care of that dog because many times in the Satsangs I had heard from Baba Sawan Singh a story about Rabia Basri, a Muslim Saint. Once when she was going on a pilgrimage to Mecca, on the way she found a dog whose four feet were broken and that dog was crying for water. There was a well nearby but there was no rope or anything by which Rabia Basri could bring up water. So she cut off her hair and made something like a rope and using some leaves of a nearby tree as a bucket, she brought some water and gave the water to the dog and in that way she saved the dog's life.

It is said that Mecca, which was seventy miles away from where this happened came all the way to Rabia Basri because she had saved the life of God's creature. When people went to Mecca they could not find it there and they started wondering where Mecca had gone. It is said that in the sky there was a sound saying, "Now I am near Rabis Basri because she has saved one of my creatures. I reside in all men and animals; I am pleased with her and that is why I have gone to Rabia Basri to welcome her."

Because I had heard that story from Baba Sawan Singh many times I was inspired to take care of that dog. I understood that we can get the opportunity of serving God's creatures only if we have good fortune. So I always considered myself as the most fortunate one when I was taking care of that dog.

The real kindness comes within us only if we are the fortunate ones. Since my childhood this element of kindness, forgiveness, and humility has been present within me and I think that this is a gift of God.

This is another incident from when I was very young. Once a husband and wife were passing through my village on the way to their own village. On the way the buffalo which they were leading delivered a baby calf. They did not have anybody else to help them with the delivery and they wanted to take the calf with them to their home. I was present there and they asked me if I could find anyone who could help them to take the calf to their village which was about one and a half miles away. I said, "Well you cannot find anyone else better than me, I am ready to help you. They did not know me. They did not know whose son I was and because they wanted someone to help them they did not even care to know who I was. So they allowed me to carry their calf which was heavy and dirty also. But I did not mind, I took the calf to their home and when they wanted to give me money for that I told them, "No, I won't accept any money because I did not do this work for money, I was sent by God to help you."

My father was very rich and he was well known in that area, so when they learnt that I was Lao Singh's son they became very afraid and they brought some other people with them to my father to apologize. They said, "We did not know that he was your son otherwise we would not have allowed him to do this work." I did not say anything and they apologized a lot until I told them, "There is no need to worry. I did not do this work for money or anything like that, I did it only because I had mercy and kindness for the calf."

About thirty years ago in this area there were no orchards and there were no good roads; not many people used to live here since there was not enough water. But ever since the canals came here people started coming here to live, and nowadays there are roads and everything. But about thirty years ago when I used to live here there was no good motorable road from here to Kunichuk ashram and on to Ganganagar which was about six miles further. So once in the early morning hours of the winter months I was going to Ganganagar. We always had to walk up to Ganganagar, a distance of six miles, and since I was all wrapped up with a blanket the people could not see who I was. One person had to carry about thirty kilos of grain to Ganganagar to sell and since he was old he could not carry that whole load himself, so he asked me if I would help him. Even though he knew me personally he did not recognize me since I was wrapped up in the blanket at that time. I said, "Okay, I will take your load." I took that load all the way to Ganganagar then he realized who I was. Then he felt very bad, thinking that he had done a grave sin.

Afterwards he started coming to the ashram and later on he became an initiate. On the fourth of last month I went to that village where that person lived to give the Satsang; that person is still alive and he still repents that he made me carry his burden. I told him again this time also, "There is no need to repent because that was not in my control. I did it because of the element of humility and kindness which I have had ever since my childhood and I did not mind doing that." I do not have any I-hood in this thing, because I say that this thing was done by me only because God had blessed me with kindness and mercy for people

Q - Is the ability to deeply and truly love the Masters physical form something that can be developed or is that something given by God?

Ans - In the beginning we have to work for this; we have to develop outer faith in the Master. When our outer faith is developed then master Himself blesses us with the love for Him and He connects us with Him in such a way that even if we try hard to break that connection we are not able to do that. But in the beginning because we are slaves of the mind and we have the effect of our past deeds on us we need to struggle a lot with our mind regarding having the faith in the Master, then Master Himself gives us the ability of loving and having faith in Him. Even if we try we cannot break our connection with Him because He is always protecting us and He never allows us to go away from Him. But in the beginning we have to work for it.

The mothers who have nursed their babies or the fathers who have seen this know that in the beginning it is difficult for the baby to reach for their mother's breast. The baby does not know that the milk is near, that it is the nourishing thing for him and that God has put the milk for him there. So the mother has to bring the baby near to get the milk. But later on when the baby starts finding the delicious taste of the milk, then even if the mother does not want to nurse the baby, the baby will come there and at once want to nurse. So in the beginning we have to work for everything.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji writes about the time when the love is manifested, He says, "God has manifested such a love within me that I cannot break that love even if I try. I cannot leave it even if I try."

Q - When I am doing Simran I have difficulty with the first Word and I want to repeat it several times before I go on with the other ones, is that all right?

Ans - The meaning of my repeating the Simran to every group is this, that I want all the people who come here to perfect their Simran and to pronounce their Simran in the correct way. I hope that you will try doing the Simran like you do here and I hope that in a few days you will be able to get rid of this difficulty. Many dear ones have the difficulty but when they repeat the Simran after me this difficulty goes away.

Q - I never noticed having trouble with that before I came here but I also have had trouble with that. Is there some negative force involved?

Ans -At home you may not be aware if you are pronouncing it correctly or not, but here when you hear the Words being pronounced then you know that you have the difficulty.

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