The Ambassdor of God
» The Ambassador of God
This talk was given October 30, 1983, at Sant Bani Ashram, Village 16 PS, Rajasthsn, India.
» Remain Attentive to the Master
Question & Answer Session given by Sant Ji on November 28,1983 at Sant Bani Ashram, Rajasthan, India.
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Question and answer session was given on April 3,1985, at Sant Bani Ashram, Village 16 PS, Rajasthan.
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Question and answer talk was given at the S.K.A Retreat, near Sampla, India, on March 21,1997.If You Can Carry your Own
Saint ji given by Satsang
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A Satsang given by Santji on July 30,1996, in Terni, Italy
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Sant Kirpal Singh Ji from Spiritual Elixir.
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A message on the birthday of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji by Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji.
» The Opportunities to Sing His Praises & Meditate more and have love and Faith
A Bhajan talk, given March 12 ,1995 at the S.K.A Retreat, Sampla, India

The Ambassdor of God

Remain Attentive to the Master

Q - Master when we come to your Ashram, the days pass beautifully if we are connected with your radiation of love. Why is that connection cut and how is it possible to connect ourselves with that?

Ans - voice saintsYou know that it is natural for us to accept the color of the company we keep. That is why Saints have put a lot of emphasis on spending time in good company. Here you are in my contact. When you go back to your home, then also I remain in your contact, but you people forget me, because then you start getting involved in your worldly affairs, in your home affairs, and you remain in my contact only for name's sake. Kabir sahib said that everybody is liked by the Master, but few like the Master.

This is an incident of Baba Sawan Singh's lifetime. When Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Guru in the Sikh line, was captured and imprisoned in Lahore, it became very difficult for His real disciples. Guru Arjan Dev was put in prison by Chandu Divan on orders of Jahangir, the Moghul Emperor. He was imprisoned in the name of religion because the orthodox religious people don't like the coming of the Saints into this world and they always give Them a very hard time.

So guru Arjan Dev was ordered to be tortured to death. They made Him sit on hot coals and put burning sand on His head. He was also thrown in hot, boiling water. So when He was given so much torture, so many troubles, the disciples who could not remain away from the Master even for one moment suffered a lot. Most of the dear ones who used to live with Him in the Ashrams or nearby had the practice of eating food only after having the darshan of the Master, so it became very difficult for those who had made up their mind to have His darshan and then eat, because the physical form of the Master was far away from them(in Lahore).

So in Amritsar where Guru Arjan Dev used to live, they started to sing the shabads, the hymns, in the evening and go around the house where Guru Arjan Dev used to live, hoping that looking at their yearning, Guru Arjan Dev would appear there to give them His darshan. So when they would sing the bhajans in the yearning and go around His house,, Guru Arjan Dev would appear there, and not only would He give them His darshan, but He would also give them parshad

This happened about five hundred years ago, but still the devotees who visit Amritsar do this practice and it has become like a rite and ritual. It is very difficult to break such practices once they get started because the devotees need something to do. So even now people go around the house, singing the hymns and expecting the Masters to appear there.

This happened about five hundred years ago, but still the devotees who visit Amritsar do this practice and it has become like a rite and ritual. It is very difficult to break such practices once they get started because the devotees need something to do. So even now people go around the house, singing the hymns and expecting the Masters to appear there.

Once an old woman who was an initiate of Baba Sawan Singh went to visit that house in Amritsar. So according to that rite which the Sikh people perform, she also went around the house where Guru Arjan Dev used to live. In her mind she did not find any difference between Baba Sawan Singh and the past Masters Who had come. We satsangis do not find any difference between the past Masters and our present Master, because we know that whether that Power came in the body of Guru Nanak or Kabir, or any other Mahatma, in our Master also, the same Power is working. So that is why whenever we remember the past Masters, we have the same spirit as when we remember our own Master.

So when that old woman initiate of Baba Sawan Singh went around the house of Guru Arjan Dev, she requested Master Sawan Singh, saying, "O Master, when You were in the body of Guru Arjan Dev, You use to come and give Your darshan and parshad to the dear ones. Would you not be kind enough to come and give me your darshan now?" Because she was very much yearning for the darshan of the Master and the voice was coming from deep heart, Master Sawan had to appear there and he gave her His darshan and the parshad.

When she got His darshan and the parshad, she forgot that Master was giving darshan only to her. So she at once thought, "Let me go and call my children so that they can also have Master's darshan and parshad." Carrying the parshad which she had got from the Master in her hands, she went home to call her children. But when she went back to that place she did not find Master Sawan Singh there. So she felt very embarrassed in front of her children. Then she took all of them to the Ashram where Baba Sawan Singh was doing the satsang. There she complained and told Him, "You deceived me. You gave me your darshan, but when I went to call my children You disappeared from that place."

Master Sawan Singh ji replied, "You can ask all these people who are attending the satsang:I did not go to Amritsar to give you any darshan. I have been doing the satsang here for quite a long time. And all these people are my witness."

But she said, "No I don't want anybody's witness, because I have this parshad as my witness. You went there and You gave me the parshad. So You cannot say that You didn'tgo there to give me your darshan and this parshad. Why did you come back without giving the darshan and parshad to my children?"

Master Sawan Singh ji replied, "as long as you were remembering me, you had my darshan and parshad, but when you took your attention away from me and gave it to your children, I also came back among the dear ones here."

So in that way, as long as we remain attentive to attention of the Master, we feel that connection of radiation from Him. He always remains in contact with us, but when we take our attention away from Him and put it on other things, only then we feel that the connection has been cut. But in fact it does not get cut from His side.

The glory of the Master cannot be described in any words. The grace of the Master cannot be found in any books. This is something which happens between the disciple and the Master, and only the disciple with whom this thing has happened can know about it. Even if it is nighttime and it is raining very much outside, or if it is snowing and the weather is too bad to go out, or even if your house or your room is closed from all four directions, but still, if you have true yearning for the Master and if your remembrance of the Master is very real and very true, you will find your Master sitting with you. He will listen to all that you have to say and He will do everything which you want Him to do.

Q - Master, what is the meaning of the aura of a person? What does the color mean? You know that sometimes the color is different. And also sometimes the size and the radius is different, and so what is the meaning of that? And what relation does it have with spirituality?

Ans - We do not see the aura, the light around a person's body, for every person. We can see the real light only around the body of the perfect Being, and that also only when our attention gets attuned with the attention of that person. Mostly it happens during the Satsang, when we are looking at the Master and our attention is attuned with that of the Master- only then we see the aura.

Even with the Saints, we see the auras, according to our own feelings. Guru Nanak Sahib said, "Whatever feelings we have, we see the image of god accordingly." Generally, people see the circular aura of the Master only when they sit in front of the Master, withdrawing from all the outer thoughts. Many dear ones had the good fortune of experiencing this with our great Master Kirpal

Q - Master, I heard in one Satsang that Kal, or the Negative Power, has the right to ask for an arm , an eye or any part of the Master. Is this due to our own faults and shortcomings that we make?

Ans -Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say that the Negative Power does not let any person go from this world without paying even the smallest karma, even a karma one-tenth of a sesame seed, even that small karma. All the karmas which are done in the realm of the Negative Power must be paid off, either by the Master or by the disciple. And you already know the condition of the disciples, how capable they are of paying off their karmas. If they get even a little bit of fever, they go on praying to the Master to remove that fever. Not only will they themselves pray to the Master to remove their fever, but they will also have a couple of other people pray to the Master for them.

So when the disciple is praying to the Master, the Master has to pay off his karma. And when He pays off the karmas of the disciple , he has to pay those karmas with His body and the Negative Power has the full right to ask for anything from the Master. It is like if someone owes some money to another person: if that person comes to collect that money, the debtor has to give whatever he has. If that person asks for a car, or animal, or anything in the house, he has to pay. The person who is in debt does not have any choice. In the same way, when the Master has to pay the karmas of the disciples, He does not have any choice. Whatever the Negative Power asks from Him, He has to give.

Dear Children, when you people come to see me in interviews or when you write me letters, you would have realized that not one, not even hundreds, but thousands of people all request that I should bless them and I should bless their children-not only their children, but I should also bless their grandchildren .So you can see how much burden we put on our Master. We even put on His shoulders the responsibilities of those people who never like to come to the Satsang and who never even like to talk about the Path , even of those people who don't like the Masters. And after requesting the Master to carry all that burden , we tell Him that we cannot do the meditation: for that also we want Him to help us.

Now Master is a very gracious Being; He has come into this world to shower His grace on us. So when we pray to Him like this, when we have all these requests for Him, He quietly and lovingly accepts our requests and He suffers on account of our karmas. Because in the kingdom of the Negative Power in which we are living, there is judgment. Whatever one has sown, one has to reap that. Whatever one has done, one has to suffer the consequences of that. In the kingdom of Positive Power there is no judgment, because it is the kingdom of all-forgiveness. But in this kingdom of the Negative Power there is no forgiveness; there is judgment. And that is why whatever deeds or karmas are done in this kingdom of the Negative Power must be paid off.

Once Master Sawan Singh was talking with some community leaders and some of His leading sevadars. One person told Master Sawan Singh, "Master, it is written in Your Horoscope that You will live for a hundred years. Is that true?" Master Sawan Singh Ji said, "Yes I will live for a hundred years, but only if people let me work peacefully, only if people do not write painful letters to me and if they write only about meditation, only if people do not make me carry a lot of burden of their karmas." The meditators know that Master Sawan Singh Ji left ten years before He was supposed to go. He left this world at the age of ninety years. In the same way, those who meditate know how Master Kirpal Singh also left fourteen years early.

In Ganganagar it became the practice that if anybody became sick, people would sit in meditation and pray to Master to remove the sickness. I saw this for a couple of days and then I told people that it is a very bad thing, because we cannot carry the burden of our little sickness also. When I said that, most of the people didn't like it, but some people who were the real lovers of the Master and those who loved Him very much, they accepted it.

Once when Master Kirpal came to the ashram, a couple came with a young girl and they asked me if they could see Master because they wanted Him to shower grace on that little girl because she cried all night. I told them, "Either you should take this girl to some doctor or you should see if she is hungry in the night. You should take care of her." I lovingly advised them not to put that burden on Master, but they felt very bad and they thought that I was not letting them see the Master. So this is our condition. We want our Master to take care of our children, we don't want our Master to carry all our burden.

Once Master Sawan Singh became very ill, so one dear one asked Him, "Master, is it because of Your own karma or are You paying off the karma of some disciple?" At that time Master Sawan Singh was Sick because He was paying off the karma of that same dear one who had asked that question. Master Sawan Singh replied, "No this is the Karma of one of my disciples."

Many times I have said this, that many times it happens that the Master is paying off the karma of some dear one and the same dear one feels bad and starts having doubts about why the Master has to suffer so much.

Satguru is a very gracious Being; He is very merciful. He will extend all feasible help to you even without you asking for it. Like the mother becomes pleased only after feeding her child, in the same way our Master becomes satisfied or pleased only after taking care of us.

Q - Master some days ago you were talking about the pitiful condition of that initiate who leaves his own Master and receives initiation from a different master. What happens to that initiate at the moment of his death? What happens to his soul?

[Sant Ji laughs] Satguru takes those dear ones who are initiated by Him back to the Real Home. But you know that those who try to travel in two boats they suffer.

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