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This talk was given October 30, 1983, at Sant Bani Ashram, Village 16 PS, Rajasthsn, India.
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Question & Answer Session given by Sant Ji on November 28,1983 at Sant Bani Ashram, Rajasthan, India.
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Saint ji given by Satsang
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Saint ji given by Message
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Sant Kirpal Singh Ji from Spiritual Elixir.
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A message on the birthday of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji by Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji.
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A Bhajan talk, given March 12 ,1995 at the S.K.A Retreat, Sampla, India

Saint ji given by Message

Learn to be Receptive

voice saintsRegular attendance at the Satsang meetings is very useful and helpful. It keeps the mind on the spiritual track. Avoidance of undesirable society is still another necessary factor, and all of these are extremely important in the beginning. A sapling needs water and nourishment. These factors go to nourish it, until it grows into a big tree which mighty elephants cannot shake. The outgoing faculties are to be invented and the mind stilled. For this the remedy has already been given to you. Consider how great a blessing of God you have received. You can develop it while living in the world. Be brave. You cannot run away. That is the work of a coward. But there is one important thing to note. Try to surrender completely to the Master and under the cover of His power, protection and grace, you will wade through the waters of life unscathed. The loving Father will protect you like a baby, in the might of His strong arms, and pass you scot-free from the fires of life without a burn. Everyone errs. Through these errors you have to grow into a pure and lustrous soul. Weed out the shortcomings, one by one. The diary is a necessity and must be used for this purpose. It helps you to keep an eye on your ethical side of life, for this must be developed along with the spiritual growth. Remember that the Father wants to embrace His child. If the child's clothing is soiled with dirt or mud, He will not forsake him, but cleanse the child and take him or her into His lap. He is always with His children whom He loves, a hundred times more than the proverbial love of a mother.

I am glad you felt the Master walking with you....To shake off your great load of anxiety and paralyzing nervous reactions of the wrongs done to you by others and that it toned your spirits. As long as you live in the world, you must be up and doing. You must work with ambition and whole-heartedly, and therein lies all beauty. All of creation is beautiful. You love God. As He is immanent in every form, you must love all His creation. But be not be attached. Just as you go to a garden, you enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the verdure of the bushes, but you do not pluck the flowers or uproot the plants, otherwise the gardener would take you to task. You cannot have the results according to your desires or expectations. So always do your best and leave the results to the Master overhead and whatever the results are, take them with good cheer. They are always beneficial to the initiated, because the Master-Power working overhead knows that is best for His ailing child.

Married life is no bar to spirituality, provided it is led in accordance with the scriptural injunctions. You may seek a companion for your earthly sojourn, one who is of your way of thinking, and anxious to seek a higher worldly life. It would be helpful to both of you. My best wishes are always with you. You may go where you like, live anywhere, and do anything that may serve to help your inner progress. Anything that may retard your inner progress will not be in your interest.

Should you get a chance to come to India on any assignment and are able to be near me, I will be glad to see you. The effect of personal aura and personal environments cannot be underrated. But while it is sp, the Master is not limited by time or space. He is always with you even though He be thousands of miles away.

Please learn to be receptive to His grace and feel His kindly presence riding with you on the buses, chatting with you in the street, sitting with you in the park, by your office desk, accompanying you every morning to the office, slowing down by the lily pond to check the new flowers and walking with you in the evening all the way back by the new moon.

Master is always with the disciple and never leaves him or her until the end of the world. The Father will never disown His children.

From Spiritual Elixir.

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