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Saint ji given by Message

Choice is Yours

Dear Ones,

voice saintsI convey my love and best wishes to each one of you on this auspicious birth anniversary of Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji.

You are fortunate to have the man-body which is the highest in all creation. I wish you all to live a life worth living – the life in the Spirit. master used to say that there is little use of talking about or writing about it – words without actions are empty and futile. One should learn to live such a life in the true sense of the word.

It is not what we say that matters. It is what we are and how we live. Let the words and thoughts we have read so far become a part and parcel of our whole being. He enjoined that we should live up to them from day to day. What we have lived in our lives goes along with us – an illiterate man cannot become learned after death.

We should be constantly on the watch that we do not stumble and fall when obstacles come on the way. Even if you fall, never allow such falls to throw you off balance in any way. Pick yourself up and continue on your way with patience and perseverance with full trust in the Master working over your head. Kabir says: "Anyone who falls while walking is not to blame; but if he remains fallen, a long journey is still ahead of him."

Make up your mind whether you would like to conform to the dictates of your mind or to the commandments of the Master. The choice lies in your own hands. You are free to choose; no one else can make the choice for you. the world may condemn you, who choose the Master's way. You need not worry because you have taken up the right way.

Master is the "Word-made-flesh." He is Light, Life and Love. If you live and move in Him, He will be your very life and give you more Light and Love.

The Word is the "Bread of Life" and "Water of Life." When you are hungry and thirsty, enter into the inner stillness and receive amply of these, which give the life eternal. This is within you, none is barred from it.

Forget the past, forget the future – relax fully. Be still, be alone to your own self, giving yourself wholly to the Master – Light and Love will be generated through you to all the world over.

Every day and every time convey thanks to the Master – the God in Him, Who has put you on the way –and for all other gifts you enjoy. In this way you will be aware of the Master all the time. Without Him you can do nothing and with Him you can do all things. The more time you will spend with the Master, your everyday life will become smoother.

Kabir says: "If the initiate lives this side of the ocean and Master lives across, direct your surat (attention) to Him. You will receive all blessings, because the Master is 'Word-made-flesh' and is everywhere." When one is initiated the Master-power resides in him and does not leave him till the end of the world.

Kabir says: "Always be conscious of the Master-power within you and live up to His commandments. You have nothing to fear in the three worlds.

All love

Kirpal Singh

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