The Ambassdor of God
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This talk was given October 30, 1983, at Sant Bani Ashram, Village 16 PS, Rajasthsn, India.
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The Ambassdor of God

The Meditation of the Saints

How do the Perfect Masters meditate?

This question is very interesting. All the satsangis should listen to it carefully and live up to it.
voice saints Ans - No doubt such great souls come into this world being sent by Almighty God. They go on searching for Almighty God Who is All-pervading, and the Perfect Master, the human pole where the power of God is working, until they meet Him. They are sent into this world by God Himself for the benefit of other people, and right from their childhood they know about their mission, they know for what purpose they have been sent into this world. Their meeting with the Perfect Master, or that human pole on which the power of God Almighty is working, is also predetermined. And at the appropriate time they meet the Master. Before that appropriate time which is determined for them, they search for the power of God. They have the effect of Maya before that time, but they do not get misled by Maya; because right from their childhood they know about their mission and they always yearn for the Perfect Master. They always keep a distance from the imperfect or false masters. And when the appropriate time comes, they meet the perfect Master and get initiation from Him.

You know that if your vessel is not ready you cannot put something right into it. In the same way if the land is not prepared beforehand you cannot sow the seeds in it. If a person wants to put something in a vessel and the vessel is not ready, he will take some time to clear it and then he can put the thing into it. In the same way if you want to sow some seeds in a field, first you will have to prepare it. If it is not prepared, then it will take some time to prepare it. So such great souls who are sent into this world by Almighty Lord, they prepare themselves and make their vessels ready before they meet the perfect Master. And when they meet the perfect Master, for them it is not difficult to put the thing given by the Master into their vessel.

Right from the early stages in the riddhis and siddhis, the supernatural powers, stand in front of them holding out their hands offering themselves to such souls. But they are not interested in those supernatural powers. Right from their childhood they have a unique kind of consciousness

You can read the history of Baba Sawan Singh Ji and you can also read the history of all the perfect Saints who came into this world in the will of God. You can read the history very well and confirm this.

You know about Master Kirpal Singh when He was a child in school. Once He asked for leave from His Teacher, saying that His grandmother was dying and He should go home. But the teacher did not believe Him; he thought that maybe He was making a joke or some false excuse. So he said, "You go and sit in the class. How do you know about all this?" A few minutes later somebody came from His home saying, "Please send Pal home because His grandmother is leaving the body and she is remembering Him." After this incident that teacher always respected Master Kirpal Singh.

In the same way there is a story from my childhood which I have not told anyone up until now. I was about eight years old and we had some neighbors who were Muslim people. They were good people. Once I had an experience that my neighbor Ajujdeem was taken by the police after being handcuffed. In the morning at about eight o' clock when I would come out of the house he also would come out and we used to make jokes with each other. So that morning I told him, "Ajujdeem, today you will be taken by the police; they will handcuff you." He laughed and said, "Did you have a dream about me?" I told him, "I don't know anything about the dream but this is what i have felt and I am telling you." He did not believe me. But in the Will of God, at about ten o' clock the police came and they handcuffed Ajujdeem and took him into police custody. After a few days they released him because they could not find any evidence against him. Somebody had just complained about him but he did not have any fault.

In the home of my father there were many facilities, many conveniences, and my father was a good person. I could easily get whatever I wanted. Once somebody asked me if I had ever seen hell. I said, "Yes, our home is like hell." So I mean to say that such souls, when they are born into this world, are not affected by poverty or riches.

All the Mahatmas have taught that we should protect ourselves from the effects of maya. They have said that it is easier for an elephant to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich person to do the devotion of the Lord.

When I was with the Mahatma Bishan Das, who laid the foundation of this poor Ajaib, I used to take all my earnings, whatever I used get in my share of the farming, or whatever I would get as pay from the service- and offer it to Baba Bishan Das. It is very easy to give away your earnings as a donation if the Master thanks you and accepts it with love. But with Baba Bishan Das it was exactly the opposite. He would accept what I would take to him and also he would slap me. It is very difficult to suffer beating after you have given away all that you have earned. But in my case I did not feel like that. I wouldn't think, "There is some Reality and I have to look for it."

In the state of Punjab I had my facilities, because right from the beginning the state of Punjab was very developed state because the canals came there before they came to other states. I left that state about thirty-five or thirty-six years ago and came to Rajasthan. At present you see Green trees and all kinds of things growing here, but in those days it was nothing like that. There was no water in this area. People used to go twenty miles to bring water for drinking. It was difficult for someone who had all the facilities of Punjab to leave that place and come to Rajasthan. But Baba Bishan Das told me to go to Rajasthan. This area is called the area of Bikaner and it is called a religious land. The people in this area did not kill goats or cows; they did not hunt animals for eating. They were righteous, very religious minded. They did not drink wine and we never used to have any doors in our houses. This was because the king of this area was also a very righteous person. He was very devoted and he had done a lot of austerities. And he used to understand the people of this state as his children and he used to protect them. This area was considered to be the most religious area, and that is why Baba Bishan Das told me to come to this area and live here. And he told me that the person or Mahatma who would give me further knowledge would come to me by Himself. I came here after getting Initiation into the first two words from Baba Bishan Das, and for eighteen years I did the meditation of these two words. I did not waste even one minute of my time in worldly pursuits; I only meditated during that time. Because I was sitting in the remembrance of the Master who was going to come here and give me further knowledge, I did not get involved in worldly pursuits, I did not do anything else other than meditation in that time.

Kabir Sahib said that if someone is thirsty he will drink the water with much yearning, with much love and appreciation, and he will also thank the person who has given him the water. He will say, "You are very great because you have saved my life."

Baba Sawan Singh Ji used to give the example of Tansen, the great musician, who was one of the nine jewels in the court of Emperor Akbar. Akbar was a very good king and he had nine "jewels" or people in his court who would give him good advice to rule over the people in a good way. He was called Akbar the Great. So Baba Sawan Singh Ji used to say that someone who wanted to learn music would go and wipe off the shoes of Tansen, but someone who was not interested in learning music- even if Tansen came and wiped his shoes, he would say, "Okay, I'll think about it."

Baba Sawan Singh Ji used to say, "I searched for twenty-two years. I searched in every society, in every religious organization, and went to every so-called mahatma of spirituality in India at that time. But when I heard the satsang of Baba Ji, (of Baba Jaimal Singh), every single word pierced through my heart and removed every doubt that I had had for the last twenty-two years?"

When I met the Lord of my soul, Master Kirpal, I did not ask Him which caste He was from, whether He was married or not, whether He had children or not. I did not go into any kind of details like that; because the thing for which I was searching, I got that and I was content with that.

The purpose of giving all these examples and telling you all these things is that I want you to understand the answer to your question very clearly. Now I will answer your question. The question was, "How does the Master meditate, and how does the Master get the Naam?"

First of all they have a unique kind of yearning in them. So whatever their Master tells them, they accept every single word, understanding His words as the words coming from Almighty Lord.

It depends upon, the mahatma of the time, whether He wants to explain the theory to the sangat or whether He wants to give Initiation without explaining the theory. If He wishes He can give His attention and take all the souls back home without making them understand the theory, or without making them understand do the meditation, because He has no karmas of His own to suffer. But He makes us do the meditation just to give us a demonstration and to create this desire within us, and just to make us understand that He has also done a lot of meditation, He also has worked hard. Such pure and holy souls are very few to be found in life.

As I have said, I had been meditating on two words for the last eighteen years since my path had been opened to me, so when I met Master Kirpal He did not feel the necessity to explain the theory to me. He took me into His room and with His grace He took my soul up, and for whatever time He felt appropriate, he kept my soul there. And afterwards He told me to go to 16PS and meditate, because He said that by meditating every day one becomes more competent.

I had this habit of closing my eyes and sitting on the ground, on a mat-like thing, right from my childhood. And later on when I was young I would make underground rooms and sit there for meditation.

Even though Hazur Himself used to stand in the waters of the River Ravi to do His meditation, and even though it was difficult to sit in the rooms here for doing meditation because the hot wind blows here in the summer, He Himself instructed me to make the underground room here, and with His grace the underground room was made here. He Himself put His hands on my eyes and closed them from outside and He told me to meditate; and He also told me, "Whenever, I feel it appropriate I will come to see you myself."

The faith and love was such that when He took me out of that time He was giving Initiation to the dear ones. He had already explained the theory tp them and He told me to make them learn the simran. I said, "Master, what is the simran? What is the theory? Why don't you show them the Real Form of yours which you have shown me today- so that all the fighting may come to an end? The pundits should not say that only by putting the saffron color sign they can do the devotion of Lord; the priests should not say that just by blowing the conch they can realize God. Why don't you show them your Real Form which you have shown me, so that everyone in all the homes may love you, and the people may not fight over the issues of temples and mosques, and all the people may know that their God resides in Man?"

After hearing all this, Hazur said to me, "Don't make the people tear my clothes."

So when such great souls meet such perfect Masters, whatever the Masters tell them to do they do that whole-heartedly. They do not waste any of their time, nor are they affected by hunger and thirst. If they wish they sit for weeks in remembrance of the master, and they have no problem with sleep.

I advise the dear ones here, that those who have not had the practice of getting up early in the morning in their homes, those who have not meditated enough in their homes, they should stick to the schedule and get up only when the bell rings at three o' clock. Those who try to get up before the bell rings, looking at the other people, since they have not had the practice of spending so much time in meditation, it affects their health.

If you don't believe this you can ask Pappu who is the witness. On the tours whenever he has become sick it is only because of lack of sleep. Once in Nanaimo he did not sleep enough and he got sick. Yagya Sharma, who is here, helped me in doing the satsang; you can ask him. About three or four doctors tried to help him, but when I came back after the satsang I folded my hands to them and told them, "Now all of you should go. You have done a good job, but now let me treat him." I told him, "Now you quietly go to sleep; don't talk, just sleep, and you will be all right." So when he slept he became alright; the fever went away. In the same way, when we were coming back to India after the first tour, he got sick in the airplane. Gurbhag Singh who was accompanying us got very worried and went for some medicine. I told him, "What medicine? Why don't you go and see if there are any empty seats so he could lie down?" So when he lay down and slept he became all right. So I mean to say that if you have not had enough sleep, only then you become sick. Not everyone can bear the lack of sleep. If the satsangis did not have the difficulty with sleep, lust and appetite, then it would be very easy for them to meditate.

Yesterday I had said that it is the highest tradition of God Almighty that once He opens His door to any soul, He does not forsake that soul.

You can read all the writings of the Mahatmas and you will find that Kabir Sahib had said, "Now I neither close my eyes nor plug my ears, because with my open eyes and open ears I see the beautiful Form of my Master."

Such a Master's work-whether it is the work of farming or of home or of the sangat-all the work which such a Perfect Master does is counted as His devotion, because all His work is holy.

What to talk about criticizing others, such a Mahatma cannot even think of criticizing others. Such a Mahatma Himself is a pure being, and gradually after making the sangat understand the realities, He makes them also pure.

I get the opportunity of seeing the dear ones in the interviews, and in the interviews they tell me about their condition. Some people come here after becoming spiritually bankrupt. God Kirpal showered grace on them in one way or another. Some people get the grace of the master in this way or the other. some people are purified by the masters and for some people the masters suffer for their karmas. In one way or another He always purifies the souls who come in his contact. Because the master wants that in his life time all the souls who come in contact with him, he should purify them and some how he should make the stream of Shabd flow in them.

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