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Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

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Sant Ajaib Singh Ji's Christmas and New Year Messsage - 1983

Dear Ones,

May all of Master's love and grace be on you at this time of Christmas and the New Year, and always. God is such a merciful one that He sends Himself in the form man to rescue the poor suffering souls from this world. He came as Christ - Whose birthday we now remember - and He guided the people of that time to the True Path of Love. He decreed, as all Masters have, "Maintain the Love for the Lord! Be Hunble! Share with others! Turning your back on lust, anger, and greed, keep kindness, truth and contentment." And His disciples who kept His words were the happy ones.

When Jesus left this world Christ Power never died but continued to come again and again.What can be said about the glory of such a one? Beloved Emperor Kirpal came and showered His Grace on us, and still he is doing that. In this New Year we must develop real humility, true respect and love for the Master. These are the important elements for our journey in Sant Mat. If we have all these with us, no one can stop our progress on this Path. That is why I pray :



O my mind, look at the Beloved Kirpal!

He who had the darshan of the Master drank the cup of Amrit Naam.

O mind, become determined to have the support of Kirpal.

Whoever made his Master sit in his heart finished the cycle of eighty-four.

O my mind , keep the love for the glimpses of the Master.

Within whose heart the Love of the Master will come,

for him the door of Sach Khand will be opened.

O mind, memorize the hints of the True Master.

In a moment He removes the pains of the suffering ones.

The Ocean of Love can not be stopped.

When He showers Grace the Lord liberates in a moment.

The story of the Love of the Master can not be told.

What praise can I sing of the True Beloved?

Tell them, O Ajaib, of the glimpses of Kirpal!


With All His Love,

Yours affectionately,


Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji