A Brief life Sketch of Saint Ajaib Singh JI
An English Translation of the Tape Recorded Message of Baba Ji -As available in Audio file on this website
Remain Firm on the truth

Whatever I say is with the Grace of my Master Sawan Kirpal. The time is very difficult. The minds of the people have gone astray. All are the thieves of the meditation of Naam, but are clever in becoming Masters. I say this because I have initiated many dear ones. I have honestly and with true heart done the mission which my Gurudev gave to me.

From within I do not have the orders of my Gurudev to reveal that I will leave this world on such-and-such a day or a certain time. Saints do not show such miracles. They do not perform the dolls' play. For a long time, for many months, I have been thinking of saying all this, because whenever Saints leave the body- even when my Masters Sawan and Kirpal left their bodies- many parties were formed. For the properties (estates) people went to courts, which later on gave an excuse for people to laugh and say, "Look at the disciples of the Perfect Master fighting with each other." My Master Kirpal had said, "Do not go to the courts. Come back. This will be in your interest."

I have always been telling this to the dear ones through hints, but alas, no one paid attention to it, and life became very uncomfortable. This is not a machine which would go on working endlessly. In the end it has some limit. I am saying all of this with the orders of my Gurudev, that no one should do the false Mastership, and no satsangi should follow anyone false. One has to settle the account for every mistake. To do the work of Mastership, to give the Naam [is difficult]. I say this from my experience, and we know from the writnigs of the Masters, that the false Guru gets the maximum punishment. And the false disciples also get the maximum punishment. I have said this in many satsangs. Whatever experiences Sunder Das had with Master Kirpal, Mr.Oberoi has written exactly the same. If anyone has any doubts , he can read it. The writings of the Saints are not to scare us not to tempt us. The seed is never destroyed in the sangat. There are those who understand me. In the ashram my children [Balwant and Gurmel] and the Lala family [the family of Gurmel's grandfather, Lala], have served me a lot. I appreciate it. But I am sorry that what I have been telling Lala for the last thirty years, he did not make any effort to do it - even though I loved him, making him as my father. [According to Gurmel, when Sant Ji was meditating, He would always invite Lala ji to sit with Him.] Hazur Kirpal used to say that love goes both ways; it is not one way. The moth loves the flame, but the flame does not know. Whenever the moth comes above the flame, the flame burns it. I very much appreciate my children, Gurmel, Balwant and Balwant's young child, Sukhpal, who always gave me love even though she is a child.

The principle of Saints is that they give the work of Mastership only to the One for Whom God Almighty has given it to Them to hold in trust. They say, "You have to do the work," and They give Him that. You can read the story of Prithvia (Guru Arjan Dev's brother who wanted to be the successor); it comes in the bani. Ramdas says, "Son, why do you fight with your father? It is not good to fight with the elders." I say all, of this because later on, after the Saint leaves, people fight over the properties, which is not appropriate. If the one who has made so much leaves it after making it, what hope do the heirs have to take it with them when they themselves leave? Kal does not lose any opportunity. Afterwards he leads our minds astray and makes us fight with each other.

Officially, going to the home of the government, I have legally registered the inheritance of my this murabba of land [ standard measurement of agricultural land in India)] to my children Balwant and Gurmel, so that later on no one may bother them. These children are not hungry for this property, but since I have seen so much in my life, {I know that} afterwards people who have gone astray themselves mislead others astray.

With the grace of my Master I have lived my life very lovingly. In my whole life I never tried to fight with anyone. I have never used any part of the innocent body which I got from the Almighty Lord for any evil, even though allegations were made against me, which I received in the love of my Master. I always had this in my heart, and I always believed, that Truth is, after all, Truth. "Remain firm on the Truth." This was the saying of Guru Kirpal. Never in my heart was the feeling of taking revenge created.

I am happy saying all of this to my children. Never accept any donation and consume it. They have enough property (estate) for their maintenance. They should earn and live. Very happily they can do the Satsang only at the ashram. If they are my children, if they have become mine, they should definitely not mourn for me, as I am not going after doing anything bad. They are very dear to me with body and mind. If someone says, "They didn't call him, they didn't include them in this (the final rites)-" It is not in their control, because I myself have given them instructions, which I hope they will follow. Saints do not come into this world to make Their tombs. Specifically I would like to instruct them according to the tradition of the Saints, not to make any place of mine. Saints are not attached to any place. They come from the Shabd and merge into the Shabd. One gets such a Saint only if he is the most fortunate one. I have always said, "What is the use of taking Naam from the Saint if one has to come back to this world again like the ghosts? Naam is the insurance of life."

I will only make this request to the sangat. I did not remain in hiding. My Master did not let me hide myself. He gave the spiritual wealth to everyone whole-heartedly. People came from the West and I told them only this, "Now the Mauj (Will) of Kirpal is created only to give. Dear Ones, take It." I am very happy that they appreciate the Spirituality. The dear ones who helped me, like Russell Perkins, Norma Fraser, the Bagga family, Dr.Molina, Don Macken and many other dear ones who did not understand me as a human being, they understood me as the Form of God. I will recommend all of them to my beloved Master. He is the Forgiver and the Gracious One.

I have not said this to upset anyone. My ashes should be spread in the fields, and the remains should be immersed in the canal. No one should try to make any place [as a monument]. If they think, "If we will bury Him in a good way, make some good place for Him; something of His will increase; but if we do not, something of His will decrease-" Kabir Sahib says, "If you offer sandalwood to the dead, what reward can you get from it? If you put dirt on the dead, what does he lose?" I have always maintained, "It is better to die in a place away from home where no one is your mother or father, where no one cries or weeps, and no one becomes sad."

Today the date is the ninth month, September 5th. The time is approximately 9 p.m. Once again I say that those in the sangat who remain strong will be protected the most. If you will be divided in parties, then Kabir says, "What can the poor Master do if there is lacking in the disciples? likewise the blind one does not accept anything, like the blowing of air in the bamboo." I hope that whatever I have said- the instruction is the same for everyone, whether one is from the West or the East, because the dear ones are spread all over-and that is, "Remain strong!" Of course, if you find someone who has meditated like my Master made me meditate, very happily you can take advantage of him. I am ready to help you in that case. Do not follow the false one; do not waste your life. Sawan was told that people have made many parties. Sawan said, "They are still very few. The time will come when no one will be wiling to become the disciple. Everyone will prove himself to be a guru and will say, 'I am the only true one!' " So I hope that all of you will lovingly [carry on]-this is a kind of Will which I have spoken- not on legal papers- which will always remain valid in the sangat.

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